"Star Wars 7": Fan querido Yoda debería regresar

"Star wars 7": Dear fan Yoda should come back

"Star wars 7": Dear fan Yoda should come back

Joseph Gordon-Levitt came to the premiere of “Star Wars 7” as Yoda, but the film did not show the green Jedi with a stubborn sentence structure. That was planned differently …

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If Joseph Gordon-Levitt knew that the character he played in the premiere of “Star Wars 7” was not in the film is still his secret, and things could have turned out differently. Maryann Brandon, responsible for the Oscar-nominated edition of “The Force Awakens” with Mary Jo Markey, said Entertainment tonight of a change of plans that affects the eccentrically popular Yoda, spoken by Frank Oz in the saga and – if not digitally – controlled.

“There was a time when we thought we had Yoda in the movie, but then we decided not to,” Brandon told ET. “Frank Oz came in for a day and gave him the Yoda and he was very satisfied with it.”

Understandably, the possibility of bringing back Yoda, who died in “Star Wars 6,” perhaps as a spirit of power, has been considered for “Star Wars 7.” There are numerous references to Episodes IV through VI in the film, including the returns of fan favorites like Han Solo (Harrison Ford). The fact that the decision was made against Yoda fits into the production story of “The Awakening of Power,” which is rich in change. B. About eight months before filming began, the script was largely rebooted from the beginning.

Warning, spoilers! By the way, Yoda is not completely absent from “Star Wars 7”. If you pay close attention to Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) vision in Maz Kanata’s castle, you will hear the voice of the Green Imp, of course spoken by Frank Oz.

JJ Abrams’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has been in our theaters since December 17, 2015.