Star Wars: Daniel Radcliffe causa revuelo en el set

Star Wars: Daniel Radcliffe causes a stir on set

Star Wars: Daniel Radcliffe causes a stir on set

Visit to Star Wars

wantedon October 24, 2014 | 13:47

Currently, a more secret shoot than that of “Star Wars: Episode VII” is just taking place. It’s nice if your name is Daniel Radcliffe and you can already take a look behind the scenes. But the visit ended with everything expected for the “Harry Potter” star: instead of making important contacts with the “Star Wars” team, Daniel Radcliffe, by his own admission, made a rather modest figure …

It wasn’t long ago that Daniel Radcliffe caused a lot of excitement among fans of the space saga with his trip to the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII.” Had the “Harry Potter” actor dusted off his second major role in a real box office hit? Nothing less than that. Instead of recommending himself to be involved in “Star Wars,” Daniel Radcliffe caused a shake of his head during filming. “I’ve only seen the first three, the original movies, in the last six months. So I’m a new Star Wars fan. In a way, I was Harrison Ford’s worst nightmare, like, ‘These movies are great!’ – as if I had just heard from them “reported Daniel Radcliffe in an interview with “MTV News.”

Star Wars: on set, Daniel Radcliffe also becomes a hysterical fan

But it’s not just movie legend Harrison Ford that Daniel Radcliffe seems to be infected with his newfound love for “Star Wars.” Even director JJ Abrams couldn’t seem to properly sort out the 25-year-old’s exuberant euphoria. “I admitted it to JJ Abrams and for a second he looked at me like he was going to kill me. But they were all very cute, “remembers Daniel Racliffe with a smile on his foray into the world of” Star Wars. “

Star Wars: Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t play a role

His rather unsuccessful visit to the set of “Star Wars” had other consequences: For days, fans of the film series debated whether Daniel Radcliffe could take on a role in the new film. “I did not realize that it was going to cause so much discomfort,” the British now defended himself. A role in the new edition of the sci-fi saga is currently out of the question. Instead, Daniel Radcliffe will be able to enjoy the next part of “Star Wars” like all fans from the cinema seat.

Even “Harry Potter” is not safe from the true passion of fans. Like thousands upon thousands of fans, Daniel Radcliffe goes into ecstasy when he gets to see his “Star Wars” idols up close. Somehow that makes the Hollywood star even more likable!

Image Source: © Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson