Star Wars: No hay animación por computadora para C-3PO

Star Wars: No Computer Animation for C-3PO

Star Wars: No Computer Animation for C-3PO

No animation

wantedon 09/19/2014 | 15:42

Almost ten years have passed since actor Anthony Daniels last appeared on camera as the robot C-3PO in “Star Wars: Episode III.” Since then, the development of special effects has not stopped. Today it would be easy to animate the android on the computer. But the creators of “Star Wars” continue to trust the tried and tested …

The fact that Anthony Daniels was seen again as C-3PO in “Star Wars: Episode VII” was not natural from the beginning. In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” the Brit reported that director JJ Abrams also toyed with the idea of ​​animation. “When JJ Abrams called me to talk to me about the filming of ‘Episode VII’, he first told me how wonderful he thinks I am, but that didn’t take long,” joked Anthony Daniels, who was on Star Wars “was on board. “Then he asked, ‘Would you be interested in being present in the movie with just your voice?’ I answer: ‘No.’ And he said, ‘Good.’ I knew he would say that. “

Star Wars: R2D2 and C-3PO are the secret stars of the saga

But Anthony Daniels had another condition to which he linked his participation in “Star Wars.” To continue to play your role as C-3PO credibly, you need a new costume. “I also told him that it couldn’t be the same outfit. The team can then come together and develop a new suit, ”the 68-year-old revealed. In this way, Anthony Daniels gains a completely new feel in his role during the current filming of “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

Star Wars: fans don’t have to get used to it

This approach to the C-3PO character has great advantages, especially for “Star Wars” fans: You don’t have to get used to a new look of the popular character. “They made a completely new suit with little changes that you will never notice on screen, but that make my life easier. Now I can put it on and take it off really fast, ”said Anthony Daniels. The stiff gait that made C-3PO famous suddenly became an acting masterpiece during the filming of “Star Wars.”

Fans of “Star Wars” will surely be delighted that the old look of the space saga is modified as little as possible. An animated C-3PO on the computer barely fits the worldview.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown