Axel Voss pide el uso de la aplicación Corona para obtener ventajas en la vida cotidiana

Stay away from dangerous smartphone corona card apps

Axel Voss calls for the use of the Corona app to gain benefits in everyday life

It is not just the coronavirus that can be dangerous for people. Now scammers are on the way again wanting to subvert malicious apps.

It’s not just the grandchildren trick that is reviving, computers and smartphones were also popular targets for scammers during the Corona crisis. For example, there is a fake Corona card that looks a lot like an original, but it needs to be installed as an application on Windows PC. A virus (malware, Trojan) hides behind it. At best, you only use comparable maps or services that are only available through the browser and do not require any installation or other authorizations for your device.

Crown crisis exploited by criminals

The latter also applies to Android smartphones. There are also apps disguised as a crown card app that want to do more than just provide information. Here, too, the apps are revealed by demanding permissions that aren’t really necessary. Access to accessibility features required for monitoring and lock screen access for immediate alarm. Both can be tricky permissions if they fall into someone else’s hands. An Android application used as an example uses these permissions to lock smartphones and demand a ransom.

The ArcGIS (esri) dashboard, for example, is also optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, an installed application is not necessary at all.

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