"Stay Inspired": Samsung exhibe fotografías impresionantes en el "Frame" sin cargo

“Stay Inspired”: Samsung Displays Stunning Photos in the “Frame” Free of Charge

"Stay Inspired": Samsung showcases stunning photos in the "Frame" no fee

The “frame” is already a DNA digital photo frame; now Samsung is making the most of the possibilities with a temporary photo exhibition.

Under the motto “Stay Inspired. Stay Home ”, Samsung launches today, April 17, a new type of display on television“ The Frame ”. The free collection of spectacular photos can now be downloaded from the Art Store. Initially, 21 photos of collaborations with creators such as Helin Bekeret, Juan Camilo Roa or Max Muench are available to scroll or for an automatic loop.

Samsung TVs show additional advertising in the main menu

This is followed by 29 entries from the professional association of independent photographers and film designers BFF, including “in addition to many talented, several well-known artists,” according to the announcement. In total, 50 photos flash on the screen between April 17 and June 17.

Finding inspiration and creating inspiration is valuable. The campaign, conceived by Leo Burnett, opens an exhibition in which we bring a variety of photographic works directly to your home and give artists an alternative platform to display their works. (Mike Henkelmann, Director of Consumer Electronics Marketing, Samsung Electronics Deutschland GmbH)

As soon as you log in with your Samsung account, you will find the “Stay Inspired” exhibit through the “Spotlight and Curation” menu item. In the fine print, Samsung states that the promotion does not apply to Frame 2017 models.

Limiting the images to a certain period of time and exchanging them at halftime gives the set an exclusive touch. In mid-June, the last exhibits disappear again, like a museum.