Stefan Raab y ProSieben organizan el reemplazo del ESC

Stefan Raab and ProSieben organize ESC replacement

Hammer back!

Fans were very disappointed: due to the current Corona crisis, the European Song Contest, or ESC for short, had to be canceled without replacement. The risk of possible infections is too great. Stefan Raab, who declared himself a fan while still active, apparently could not bear the grief of the fans even in his retirement and therefore together with ProSieben create the “FREE EUROPEAN SONGS CONTEST”, #FreeESC for short! !

What have we missed him and his ideas on German television. Five years ago, Stefan Raab said goodbye to television and retired from the public. But now the animator is back with a big bang and doesn’t want to leave ESC fans in the rain even in times of crisis and offer a new alternative to the inveterate classic.

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Your local ProSieben announcer supports your idea

As announced in a ProSieben press release, Stefan Raab could not see the disappointment of the fans due to the cancellation of the popular singing contest. Without further ado, he had the idea to create an alternative. With his idea he went to his home station. The announcer supported the project, absolutely enthusiastic about the idea. The show will be broadcast live from Cologne on May 16 at 20:15 on ProSieben.

“Music connects a lot of people, especially in difficult times. This is the birth time of a new free European song contest. This is the birth time of the ‘FREE EUROPEAN SONGS COMPETITION’ ”, Stefan Raab explains his idea and speaks to many fans from the heart. In the past, he had repeatedly held competitions to determine the artist who should compete for Germany. With Lena Meyer-Landrut, Raab even helped Germany win the ESC.

How should the competition unfold?

Not much is known about the Raab project and the station. The animator only promises: “Special challenges need special solutions. On this night, Europe comes together in a special and unique way ”. The station also guarantees that it will comply with legal requirements and guidelines from health authorities. Therefore, the entire program may consist of video streams only. More information will be announced soon.

We think the idea is simply brilliant and we are happy that Stefan Raab can be trusted even in times of crisis. After all, each of us can probably use distraction in the current situation. Are you also looking forward to the show? Let us know in the comments.

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