Stefanie Heinzmann - plan maestro

Stefanie Heinzmann – master plan

Stefanie Heinzmann - master plan

Stefanie Heinzmann – master plan

wantedon 03/07/2008 | 17:59

Stefanie has a master plan.

Casting show winners usually struggle with some biases, and somehow you can’t see them anymore. Consequently, little is expected of early work from television breeds, which are typically shot in two-day fast action and released.

Stefanie Heinzmann, winner of Stefan Raab’s “SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD”, has slightly different requirements. The vivacious Swiss woman impressed with her soulful voice during the show and her single “My man is a bad man” hit number 3 on the German charts immediately. The album promises to be a success.

But if you only expect songs on the disc that are similar to the top of the list, you will hear from Master plan It seems that Stefanie Heinzmann swept all musical styles and the decades associated with them during production. The first track, “Masterplan”, lets your feet move and reminds you of rock music from the 50s. A few songs later, the summer “If I don’t love you now” is already in the 80s. The fans From the 70s they won’t be disappointed either, because with “Only to much oil in the ground” you will feel transported to this era with its disco-funk sounds. Stefanie Heinzmann impressively proves that it’s not just rocky and happy songs that you can shine. In ballads like “Xtal” or “Painfully Easy”, for example, it is soft and gentle. This page also suits you very well and you may be pleasantly surprised by its diversity.

Heinzmann Master plan It contains everything you need to be a good album. It is happy, rocking, danceable and sometimes also sad. So if you are looking for a Master plan for your life that accompanies you in all situations, then you have the right thing!

Stefanie Heinzmann: Master planReleased: March 7, 2008

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