Stella McCartney para Adidas

Stella McCartney for Adidas

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wantedon 07/31/2012 | 15:58

Stella McCartney is full of Olympic fever: for Adidas, she designed the Olympic collection for the British team as creative director. But that’s not all: now Stella McCartney, daughter of the former Beatle Paul, who musically enriched the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, shows her own vision of the Olympic Games through Instagram.

Stella McCartney all in gold

Stella McCartney is in Olympic fever – she designed the British Olympic collection for Adidas. Now Stella McCartney is showing her own vision of the Olympics through Instagram.

Stella McCartney has worked with Adidas for a long time, but designing the competition clothing for the British team should have been a very special honor even for her. Stella McCartney is the second member of the McCartney family to do Olympic service for the country: her father, former Beatle Paul McCartney, had already given a concert at the opening ceremony. But Adidas clothing is not the only reference to the Olympics that Stella McCartney herself has: now she also reports on the games through Instagram!

Stella McCartney reports on the Olympics.

Stella McCartney shows her opinion on the Olympics

Instagram is basically Twitter for images. Of course, it is also possible to post photos via Twitter, but the main focus on Instagram is photos. Stella McCartney now allows her very personal vision of the Olympics to be followed, because of course she is not only responsible for the appearance of the British team, but also visits the big sporting event herself as a spectator. Since Stelle McCartney is Stella McCartney, of course she looks great too, and she was featured in a gold outfit. Already dressed in the correct color of the medal, Stella McCartney reported on the competitions and the no less impressive decorations.

With the British hosting the 2012 Olympics, it’s only fair that they also have the best-dressed team. And you can almost assume that with Stella McCartney as the designer.