Paso a paso: ¡así es como funciona el cambio de color a una morena rubia!

Step by step: this is how the color change to a blonde brunette works!

Step by step: this is how the color change to a blonde brunette works!

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wantedthe 05/07/2013 | 17:34

Should I really do it or should I just leave it alone? Yes and no? When it comes to a furry change, not all women are as brave as when they shop for neon colored high heels. Because everything is known to be purely a matter of the head and many people shed a tear or two quickly after cutting themselves. After all, the hairdresser seems to know a completely different length measurement than you. If you really don’t dare to try a new cut, maybe you should try a different color.

Regardless of whether it is a different season or (not) a man, it is often external circumstances that make us want something new. So what could be implemented faster than a new hair color? For those who prefer to color themselves, we’ve outlined some important pros and cons for going blonde to brown here, so don’t lose your mind!

She herself is the woman

Not all color experiments are doomed to failure, but those who face the Brown Challenge alone should be able to realistically assess their blonde hue. Do you wear a warm honey blonde or is it more platinum? The most important fundamental rule is, in any case: Use a warm shade of brown with a red tint.

Lady in Red

From chestnut to dark mahogany, the color palette at the drugstore is, meanwhile, inexhaustible and protects it from an unsightly shade of green. Because it is necessary? Extremely white or heavily bleached hair has no color pigments at all and for a green tint to have zero chance, it is wise to accept a red hue and put pigments back into the hair step by step.

After hour

Although hair is now taking on a new shine, now is the time to take care of it, take care of it and take care of it. Use special oils and nourishing hair treatments regularly. It all gets really intense if you wrap some cling film around your head too. Because the cure can only achieve its full effect through the body’s own heat.

28 days later

Still not feeling comfortable in the “Red Light District”? Then wait at least two to three weeks before daring to go back to styling your hair a little darker. They will be grateful to you! Until then, it is better to close the gap with special brown shampoos. That can do wonders! You can find more great helpers, who are guaranteed to be in a good mood, in our image gallery.