Stiftung Warentest: No debería reparar su teléfono celular aquí

Stiftung Warentest: You shouldn’t repair your cell phone here

Broken screen and faulty headphone jack – Stiftung Warentest tested smartphone repair services with these common problems. Experts sometimes experienced wait times of more than a month and received damaged devices. Sometimes a cell phone repair costs even more than the new smartphone price. However, one supplier was able to obtain the “good” test stamp. The good thing about this: it is an online service.

Stiftung Warentest tested smartphone repair services

Stiftung Warentest experts have tested four stationary repair services, four online repair services, and repairs at Apple and Samsung directly. A Galaxy S7 Edge, a Huawei P9, and an iPhone 6s were sent in for repair. All three smartphones had a broken screen and a headphone jack that no longer worked. The repair itself was rated 60 percent. In addition to the quality of the repair, this also includes its duration. Customer orientation was rated 40 percent on the overall result. This includes, among other things, if the specified costs are met transparently and how well the processing went. Manufacturers’ general terms and conditions were also examined.

Stationary repair services fail

No manufacturer could convince with stationary repair services. “Saturn”, “Mediamarkt” and “Mister Minit” were able to repair the Samsung cell phone without problems. However, “Mister Minit” took almost a month to repair. After repairing the Telephone Service Center, the speaker phone stopped working. Not a single vendor was able to repair the Huawei smartphone and they all refused. Only “Saturn” accepted the device and repaired the screen in 7 weeks. The Stiftung Warentest iPhone was only successfully repaired by “Mediamarkt”. With all other manufacturers, the newly installed screen was noticed due to its poor quality.

Online repair services

At least one supplier was able to convince with online repair services. MyPhoneRepair was relatively expensive in comparison, but the price was stated transparently. The supplier repaired all three smartphones in 1-2 weeks without any problems. “McRepair”, “Letsfix” and “Handyreparatur123”, on the other hand, failed to repair at least one smartphone satisfactorily.

Repair directly from the manufacturer

All three manufacturers (Apple, Samsung and Huawei) also offer repairs directly from the manufacturer. However, Stiftung Warentest only tested online repairs at Samsung and Apple only tested Apple Store repairs with three smartphones from the manufacturer. Display damage was fixed in all cases, Apple was unable to repair the headphone jack. This also got faulty on Samsung once.

At Samsung, the repair was relatively quick with 5 business days. At Apple, testers were able to pick up the device twice the same day. Unfortunately, Samsung’s on-site service, Apple’s online service, and both Huawei’s services were not tested.

Conclusion: repairs are often not worth it

Finding the right provider to repair your faulty smartphone is not easy. This is also confirmed by the Stiftung Warentest test. At Apple in particular, repair service providers are often unlicensed and use non-original components for repairs.

The repairs are also not attractive in terms of price. If the device is more than two years old, buying a new one is usually cheaper. An alternative would be to take care of the repairs. There are many instructions for this on iFixit, for example. But only seasoned hobbyists should try this. Then there is no warranty or guarantee anymore.