dolor de estómago

stomach ache

stomach ache

The day before the sudden birth, the 26-year-old had severe abdominal pain and that’s why she even went to her gynecologist. But her gynecologist did not examine her properly, he only gave her pills.

The next day, however, the pain was still not gone. Sarah W. didn’t know they were labor pains! Her boyfriend took her to the hospital. “It hurt so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought I had a bowel obstruction or some other dangerous disease “she explains more.

+ + A baby was born in autumn + +

But before the woman reached the hospital room, the pressure was too great. Instinctively, he pressed, and a crying baby fell into his sweatpants at birth in the fall. Her boyfriend was about to pass out, says Sarah W. “And my friend was very pale, I had to be careful not to tip over.” After all, even the boyfriend couldn’t count on it if the woman herself didn’t know about the pregnancy!