Fuerte crecimiento del cabello como mujer: ¿que ayuda?

Strong hair growth as a woman: what helps?

Strong hair growth as a woman: what helps?

Home remedies, etc.

Large hair growth is often uncomfortable for affected women. Whether it is thick hair on the legs, armpits, a lot of hair in the genital area or a woman’s beard: What is the culprit of the hair problem and what home remedies, pills, creams and companions help permanent hair removal? Here you can find out what means and methods can really help you stop excessive hair growth.

What women don’t do to get rid of pesky hair: From shaving and waxing to waxing or sugaring, there are many options. But what if the hair growth is so strong and dense that you have to sit in front of the team most of the time to prevent it from growing back? When this skin problem occurs, it becomes not only a physical but also a psychological problem for many women. They are embarrassed and prefer to hide their long, thick, dark hair under many layers of clothing than to make the thick hair visible to others. They are afraid of being laughed at and intimidated by hair growth. Lest you go that far in the first place, we have some helpful tips on how to counteract excessive hair growth.

A lot of hair as a woman is an annoying problem. But eternal plucking isn’t a solution either … so what works best?

Excessive hair growth in women: what are the causes?

Very strong hair growth in women has something to do mainly with hormonal changes. During puberty, during or after pregnancy, or in between, for example, when stress affects hormonal balance, hair can sprout unusually fast and dense throughout the body. Some women are also simply genetically predisposed to developing strong hair growth.

To clarify the exact cause with you, it is definitely worth going to the doctor. He can take a closer look at the problem and, if necessary, refer you to an endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in hormonal and metabolic diseases) or a gynecologist. Specialists can examine whether it is just a temporary skin problem or if you suffer from hypertrichosis (such as somewhat unlikely “wolf people”) or hirsutism, an unusually pronounced body hair that is otherwise known only to mens. . You can find out with blood tests, thyroid tests, and other tests.

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Do you think you have tried everything to get rid of body hair? In our video we show you all the possibilities to wax the body. Maybe you want to try a new one?

The pill or the home remedy for hair growth? You have these options at home

What can you do against excessive hair growth? If your hair wax is hormonal, proper hormone therapy can help. If you have too many androgens, that is, male sex hormones, in your blood, estrogen treatment may help. Using birth control pills for hair growth can also be effective. The best way to do this is to discuss with your gynecologist which preparation is best for you; maybe there is a special androgenic pill for you and your thick hair.

In addition to long-term hormonal treatment, you have other short-term therapy options to at least cosmetically contain abundant hair growth or to remove unsightly thick hair as completely as possible:

In addition to using these methods, it is always important to avoid ingrown hairs by regularly exfoliating your arms, legs, intimate areas, and other affected body parts. This will prevent inflammation and scarring if a hair is lost under the skin. In our gallery you can see what else you should pay attention to when shaving with razors, epilators, etc.:

As you can see, excessive hair growth is not something you simply have to endure as a woman. Before suffering from it, you should put yourself in the hands of a doctor and find out the reasons for extreme hair growth. Cosmetic treatments can help you get rid of hair temporarily. By the way: if your excessive hair growth is so bad that you are prone to psychological problems like depression, your health insurance company may even cover the treatment, or at least a part of it. After all, you should feel good again.

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