Estúpidos prejuicios contra las mujeres: ¡eso es lo que tenemos que decir!

Stupid prejudices against women – that’s what we have to say!

Stupid prejudices against women - that's what we have to say!

4. Prejudice against women: it takes forever to leave home

Girls need several hours to prepare, another stubborn bias against women, most of which comes from the direction of boys. Those who claim to have seen too many beauty tutorials. Of course, we use a lot of different products for our morning bathroom routine, and we often can’t decide what outfit to wear, but our friends are often not entirely innocent of being late. They bombard us with WhatsApp messages and calls to hurry up, doing the opposite. I’m sorry about that!

5. Prejudice against women: they are unbearable during their periods

The question “Are you suffering from PMS again?” Can everyone save themselves from now on? Guys just have no idea of ​​the emotional chaos that we go through during this time and we often don’t know ourselves. Also, it is not the same for all girls. Just because you’re in a bad mood or not laughing at a really bad joke doesn’t mean we’re menstruating. Also, not all women have to fight PMS! Guys should really write that behind their ears.

Karo from Mä also resents that she is always called a bitch. Here you can read his plea to think more when nagging.

6. Prejudice against women: women cannot drive a car

Last but not least, it’s time to ignore the biggest prejudice against women: women can’t drive or park. For all the girls among you planning to get a driver’s license in the near future – don’t let that put you off! Why a new study from Norway found that women are actually better drivers than men! Finally! Researchers from the Norwegian Center for Transport Research examined 1,500 people and found that Men are much more easily distracted and therefore cause accidents faster.. The fact that we are multitasking geniuses just plays on our cards.