Estúpida tendencia: cachetadas

Stupid trend: slapping

Stupid trend: slapping

High five or hugging is a thing of yesterday! Today the girls have a Slap on the mound and I think that’s a lot of fun too. “Pussy slap” This is called this phenomenon and teachers are observing it more and more, as Spiegel reports. Especially when the girlfriend or schoolmate is not expecting him or has his back to the girlfriend (the hit comes from an ambush), the girls find it particularly entertaining.

What’s so funny about “slapping”?

But why? What’s funny about my girlfriend’s collapse? The girl who made the “Pussy slap” received, he usually acknowledges the hit with a laugh and then takes revenge at some point, but let’s be honest, how stupid is that?

According to the teacher interviewed by Spiegel online, this collapse could be the reason because that’s how you show your domain. The neuropsychologist Erich Kasten also confirms this: “The ‘pussy slap’ is also an act of domination with which a young woman tries, so to speak, in a symbolic way to damage the sexual organ of her rival or to impede the sensation of pleasure to divert her as a competitor. And not only that. Judging from the YouTube videos, there are even “Pussy slapping wars” Y “Slapping contests” where you try to distribute as many “slaps” as possible.