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Stylist Reveals: These Are The Top 5 Hair Trends For Fall 2020

Hairstyles and colors

Summer is over, it’s time to give your own hair a hairstyle update. But what is really in style in terms of hairstyles and hair colors in fall 2020? Maybe a shorter strand or a lighter hair color? We asked Redken stylist and artist Mandy van den Bosch-Marci from PAM Hairstyle and showed her the top 5 hair trends for Fall 2020, with a very special hairstyle comeback!

Hard times change trends

What will be in fashion tomorrow can already be seen today in the streets and on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York. Really. Because special moments also change the appearance of new trends. The crown crisis is also taking its toll on fall 2020 hair trends. While some are relying on tried and proven, others are using the crisis for a complete makeover. We have the trends that you can read Stylist Mandy van den Bosch-Marci reveal who, in addition to their work at their Mannheim PAM Hairstyle salon as Artist from Redken Germany She not only trains young hairstylists but also creates hair trends for fashion shows and photo shoots like Marcel Ostertag.

Sustainability comes to hairdressing salons

The demands on the hairdresser are increasing, because haircuts should now be perfect for months, not just weeks. Now the creativity of stylists is required. Do not create progressive and brightly colored hairstyles, no, rather, be similar to clothing and cosmetics too Think sustainably when it comes to hairstyles and hair colors.. So, according to Mandy, the trends of the new season will be much more focused on your needs than usual. Instead of using strong steps, the hair is cut more compactly, the roots and strands are worked with special coloring techniques in which the roots are gently blended so that the new hair color grows even softer than usual. . As the first hair trend for fall 2020.

# 1 Graduated hair colors

A trend that not only says what is in style, but also says what is out at the same time: what will no longer come are the striking and unnatural “helmet colors”. Liveliness is the word of the new season. “Grading the color,” as Redken artist Mandy calls it, ensures that hair colors are not just black, brown or red, but run out. even transitions The play of light is introduced into the hair, as in natural hair illuminated by the sun. Because even this is not just a tip-to-tip shade. A trend that also applies to gray hair. Here, too, for a natural look, one or the other white hair should shine instead of being fully colored.

# 2 Against dark days: facial framing

The days are not only getting shorter but also darker. Only one thing helps against the gloom of the coming autumn: face framing or else Hair, are the key word. Here, the entire head is not highlighted, but only some highlights in the outline. These reflections give your face a kind of 3D effect and thus gave it more contour, depth and, above all, shine. A great temporary fix until the next balayage in spring.

# 3 Between copper and violet

What color would go better with the fall season than copper? No! And that is why the hair color is totally trendy again this year. But the copper tones do not come alone: ​​the violet tones provide color gradients merging with each otherthat not only ensure an extraordinary look, but also make you want to enter the new season. A perfect example is “Flannel Hair”.

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# 4 Long hair

Long hair, lightly lightened with a strand technique and occasionally placed in light waves, has been the biggest hairstyle trend for years. Boring, huh? The crisis could slowly but surely change that, reveals Mandy. Because in difficult times people often start looking for themselves and their own style. “If you are looking for yourself, you also start looking for a look that makes more sense, because long hair is interchangeable.” Individuality is the keyword here And this could lead to haircuts like a beautiful Kaia Gerber bob. Or can it be a little shorter?

# 5 undone look

It is still the most popular hairstyle – the undone look. A look that seems unfair and is harder to style than many braided hairstyles or curls. But when it comes to style, they also rely on the deliberately unbrushed styling of the Bardot style. This can be done very simply, not with a comb, but with your fingers or a puddle brush so that it doesn’t look like you’ve been teased, but as if you’ve already taken a little nap.

Combined with a matte styling product like Redken Rough Paste, with a little practice after styling you can look like you’re straight I got out of bed (un) perfectly combed. This look is particularly suitable if you are wearing an eye-catching or particularly elegant outfit to break all the style through your hairstyle. Absolutely impossible – this hairstyle does not need hairspray. You can only achieve the desired nonchalance if you banish hairspray from your closet and prefer to use a light styling cream. It will be difficult, but less is more in this case.

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Trend forecast 2021: the permanent is making a comeback

A hairstyle that really only exists in your family’s photo albums: the perm. It was once No. 1 in hair salon services for years, but it has been gathering dust in the warehouse for the past 30 years. But that could change very soon if Mandy van den Bosch-Marci feels it. The curly hairstyle could celebrate your grand hairstyle comeback and that’s not on long hair but on short hair. She already has many trendsetters among her clients (both women and men) who have their shoulder length hair permanently wavy.

Don’t worry, it won’t be your mom’s permanent. With this trend, stylist Mandy sees hairstyles with volume, light waves like last year with the trend of digital perm or even strong frizz. No permanent hairstyles from the 80s, because the undone look counts here too.

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Individuality becomes the biggest trend in times of crisis

However, the biggest trend of all, according to Mandy, is that your hairstyle and hair color emphasize your individuality and lifestyle. Featured with “boosts” that are in demand this fall and that perfectly suit you and your style!

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