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Summer may come: these face shapes need the following summer makeup

Summer may come: these face shapes need the following summer makeup

Summer makeup

wantedon 05/19/2014 | 17:17

Although natural beauty is still the most beautiful, sometimes it takes a little artificial push to look even more beautiful. And that’s exactly why makeup was invented. However, not all makeup is suitable for all types of women. That is why here we show you and in our photo we show what summer makeups, which face suits best and how you can hide the little unloved flaws as if by magic.

The forehead too high, the jaw too prominent, the cheeks too full: every woman has something that bothers her about her face. However, with very simple tricks and a bit of makeup, each face shape can be fixed quickly and suspected problems can be quickly hidden.

Oval face

Women who have an oval face shape like Halle Berry or Sienna Miller can consider themselves lucky. In fact, you can wear any makeup. The oval face shape is the ideal way in which the proportions are harmoniously distributed. The cheekbones form the widest part of the face, while it tapers towards the chin and forehead. The lower half is usually a little longer, the eyes are the ideal distance from each other, the lips are beautifully contoured, and the nose is usually perfectly proportioned.How: There are almost no rules for you. Just emphasize the parts of your face that you like the most. Underline your pretty proportions with defined brows, but don’t paint them unnecessarily, just style them with delicate powder brushes. You can use the summery shades of apricot and pink in a specific and simple way on the eyes, cheeks and lips.No: Do not exaggerate! Women with oval face shapes tend to emphasize as much as possible on their face. However, it must be said that you look fabulous even with little makeup and that summer demands subtle and light tones. So, emphasize the eyes OR lips in bright colors like apricot and pink or a bright nude.

Square face

A striking square face is often hidden much softer. The hairline, the sides of the face and the chin are almost straight, while the cheekbones and jaws are pronounced and make the face appear particularly angular. Face-shaped women like Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie should learn to play with light and shadow.How: You can use the radiant light and shadow effects for yourself, especially in summer. To do this, apply the highlighter with a brush under the eyes and on the upper part of the cheek, distribute it generously and emphasize the desired areas with a slight shine. It is best to interrupt large areas with a blush that is a little darker than your natural skin color, has a summery brown glow, and therefore ensures a fresh and subtle look. Apply this starting at the cheek and jaw line and draw smoother contours up to the hairline. You can also style the forehead shape in a similar way with a blush. Draw the forehead line with a pen, and then comb the hair so that there are few corners and edges left. You just have to let your lips shine naturally in a nude tone.No: Avoid flashy lip colors. Most women with angular faces were presented with full lips, make them bright and fresh in the summer and do not further emphasize them. With the delicate shine of the sun, your lips contrast with the strictest shape of the face.

Round face

Women with the so-called full moon face a la Renée Zellweger have the advantage of always looking young. Because at least your face will never lose its round and youthful shape. However, many women do not like this at all, they want the round face to look more feminine and defined. Your face needs corners and edges that highlight the shape.How: In summer, give your face an oval shape with a delicate pink blush by imagining a line from the base of your ears to the corners of your mouth and applying the blush below this imaginary line. This way you optically lengthen your face and you are also absolutely in the beauty trend for summer with fresh pink cheeks. Highlighted brows also make the face more angular, while bright red glitter or lipstick helps you achieve mature femininity and the freshness of summer.No: Dark makeup eyes and exaggerated lipstick are out of place on a round face, especially in summer. They look painted, they take away all lightness. Limit yourself to subtle use of light and dark nude shades.

Heart-shaped face

Miranda Kerr and the Olsen twins know exactly how to show their heart-shaped faces. With a triangular or heart-shaped face, the forehead is significantly wider than the rest of the face, and thus appears almost angular. The lower half of the face is narrow and makes the chin appear pointed. The cheekbones are higher compared to the oval face, which creates a slight imbalance in the proportions, which must be optically compensated by the makeup.How: You can start laminating with the primer and combine two colors. In summer, the textures in mousse or without oil are especially recommended for a light and natural look. A darker shade makes your forehead and chin look more even, while a lighter shade emphasizes the cheeks. Of course, the transitions should not be visible and are covered with a light powder. But blush can also help in a slightly darker shade to make your face appear less heart-shaped and radiant in summer. Apply this from cheekbones to temple. Emphasize your eyes with light eyeshadow, this will make them look even bigger and brighter. With highlights between the eyes and under the eyebrow, you open your gaze even more. Accentuate lips in a more subtle way with nude or light apricot tones.No: Avoid flashy lipstick. This also emphasizes your pointed chin and detracts from your appearance. Rather, vent to the upper half of your face.

Long face

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the women known for her long face. With this face shape, it is important to expand the proportions, so that the forehead and chin appear less high or long. Your new secret recipe is horizontal lines.How: For the summer, refresh your eyes with a highlighter and apply the eyeshadow in straight, wide lines. Look for light shades that open your eyes and evoke a lively look. Straight lines are equally important in blush, which turns out to be a miracle cure for widening the face. You can use a darker blush under the cheekbones, which you apply horizontally with a thick brush; the chin can also use a cotton swab. Now a lighter pink blush is used from the highest point of the cheekbones to the hairline and thus emphasizes the horizontal line of your face with a shimmering shine.No: Distinctive eyebrows and full lips are a beautiful thing, but they should not be unnecessarily emphasized or misled on an elongated face. I would prefer to avoid high brow ridges. On the other hand, try to keep your eyebrows and lips as straight as possible without emphasizing excessive curves and edges.

We have summarized which summer makeup is best for which face shape with suitable product tips in our photo show.