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“Supermodel with curves”: Jury with Angelina Kirsch

New TV format

Some time ago it was announced that a new casting format with “Curvy Supermodel” would be launched. Now the jury is finally on the starting grid: Angelina Kirsch and Harald Glööckler, among others, will be looking for talented curvy models.

As RTL II announced in a press release, “Curvy Supermodel” can look forward to other celebrities in the jury court, in addition to the successful plus-size model Angelina Kirsch and the eccentric designer Harald Glööckler. Dancer Motsi Mabuse will also be part of the party, who is already watching closely the dancing talents of the German stars on “Let’s Dance”. It is also assisted by Ted Linow, the owner of the renowned Mega Model Agency. Among other things, the winner can look forward to a model contract with Linow.

The “Curvy Supermodel” jury

But what is the “curvy supermodel” really all about? The concept of the show is similar to that of “Germany’s Next Top Model”, with the difference, of course, that this format looks for women who have a little more hips and beautiful curves. Candidates can then demonstrate their charisma in photoshoots, commercials, and fashion shows. They are supported by the jury, especially Angelina Kirsch, who will help the girls as a mentor and model mother.

This is what the jury expects from the “Curvy Supermodel”

“Keep up with yourselves and your curves! We must not hide, because beauty has no clothing size ”, RTL II quotes Angelina Kirsch, who already has a precise idea of ​​the participants. “The perfect candidate has big curves, a strong will and the absolute ‘wow factor’.” The other jurors see it in a similar way: for example, Motsi Mabuse would like candidates with self-confidence, ambition, discipline and courage. “Curvy Supermodel” is about self-acceptance and the fact that you just have to learn to love yourself for who you are, “says the dance coach. Harald Glööckler is particularly pleased that RTL II now offers curvy women such a platform: “For almost 30 years, I have been encouraging plump women to be more self-confident and encouraging them to maintain their curves and shapes. ”.

It looks like “Germany’s next top model” will soon have a lot of competition! In any case, we think it’s great that curvy women now also play a bigger role on television as an antipolar to slimming mania. “Curvy Supermodel” can be seen from October 2016 on RTL II.

Image source: Magdalena Possert / RTL II