Surface Duo en 5 nuevas imágenes, widgets interactivos en lugar de mosaicos en vivo y fecha de inicio

Surface Duo in 5 new images, interactive widgets instead of live tiles and start date

Surface Duo in 5 new images, interactive widgets instead of live tiles and start date

Shortly before the presentation, new images of the dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo appear, which could be presented in the coming days.

Microsoft had certainly implemented a unique feature in its Windows Mobile with the live tiles, which will probably never be available again. Although the Surface Duo, a new smartphone from Microsoft with the Android operating system, is coming soon, the company does not plan to return this “legendary” feature. Instead it relies on classic widgets that can be freely stored on the Android home screen.

Widgets instead of live tiles

Windows Latest reports that Microsoft wants to rely on interactive widgets. Whatever that means, since you’ve always been able to interact in widgets on Android. Therefore, widgets have always been more than a rigid presentation of information. So it might be exciting to see if Microsoft is still rolling out its own extensions for the widget system, which in my opinion should be easily doable via its own launcher. Microsoft is known to have an Android launcher.

Evleaks shows press photos, Insider reveals start date

Surface Duo will be officially unveiled next week. Other rumors have already said that the extradition will take place in August. Therefore, all the latest information is consistent with what the renowned Paul Thurrott says. Report invitations to experts for a briefing on August 12, which would be next Wednesday.

This date is even more realistic in view of the fact that Evleaks can provide us with numerous press photos that are destined for the US network provider AT&T. Presumably in preparation to announce the Surface Duo soon, the network provider received these new images and let them leak. These images do not seem to be able to reveal new information:

It is true that I am excited about the dual-screen smartphone in book format and hope that it will arrive in Germany quickly at fair prices.