El Asistente de Google gana: Cortana se rinde, ¿cuándo Bixby?

Surface Duo: Microsoft shows different app layouts and thus the possibilities

Google Assistant Wins: Cortana Gives Up, When Does Bixby?

Surface Duo is the name of one of the most exciting Android smartphones of the year, and Microsoft is now holding hands with app developers for the dual device.

Whether with two individual screens or the modern folding screen, application developers will have to consider new formats in the future. Microsoft is one of the manufacturers that is currently particularly involved in this issue. With the Surface Duo, it will offer a dual-screen smartphone in the future that will likely meet very high demands. Business and Co. In advance, addresses what application developers should and can implement.

“Today we preview our first dual-screen layout control for Java and Kotlin developers. With the new control and its associated utilities, you can create dynamic and responsive applications that take advantage of the Microsoft Surface Duo and its two displays. “

Surface Duo – Three Factors to Consider

On its own blog for developers, Microsoft shows various layouts for Android applications, because Surface Duo, in principle, can be used in three variants. Either with a single screen or with both screens at the same time. The latter, however, is still divided into vertical and horizontal display of the software.

As already mentioned in the introductory text, Microsoft wants to help application developers. Many future devices can benefit if the applications are designed to work well on one or two parts of the screen. An example is YouTube on the Galaxy Z Flip, which automatically splits the app into video and player control at a 90 ° angle.

Surface Duo Lets You Take A Quick Look – Videos Show Interesting Feature

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