Sorpresa "Farmer busca esposa": Jürgen y Kerstin se separan

Surprise “Farmer looking for a wife”: Jürgen and Kerstin separate

Surprise "Farmer looking for a wife": Jürgen and Kerstin separate

You have a new one!

This is a surprise! Farmer Jürgen and his chosen Kerstin have just been happily united at the big meeting at “Bauer sucht Frau”. Now, the 63-year-old personally announces that he is happily forgiven, to someone else.

And she’s no stranger to the attentive viewers of the season that just ended: she’s Corinne, the third lady to promote Jürgen at the barn festival. At the time, however, he was the first to send her home because he couldn’t bear the fact that she would bring her nine dogs to the farm. He already has so many animals himself. But that seems like yesterday’s news!

Jürgen with his three ladies at the barn festival: Maggie, Kerstin and Corinne.

Compared to RTL, the farmer expressed himself in a video he recorded about his new life and love situation: “I would like to inform you that now I am with my dear Corinne. It was my favorite from the beginning. ” He would have met her again and fit between the two.

Corinne also expresses herself completely in love with a video message: “You just have feelings and we are happy. We are grateful to have met. ” So Kerstin’s competitor Maggie was supposed to be right in the end with her statement in the finale: That with Jürgen and Kerstin won’t work. It’s a shame, but of course we’re also delighted that Jürgen still found his love happiness despite everything.

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Unfortunately, Kerstin has yet to comment on her farmer’s separation and new love, but of course we wish her all the best for the future and as little heartache as possible.

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