"Cosa del Pantano": Horror en lugar de héroes en el tráiler de la serie DC

"Swamp Thing": Horror instead of heroes in the trailer for the DC series

"Swamp Thing": Horror instead of heroes in the trailer for the DC series

When you think of the DC comics, movies and series, heroes like Batman or Wonder Woman come to mind first. In the “Swamp Thing” series, however, the swamp horror is all set, as you can see in the new trailer …

Scientist Alex Holland (Andy Bean from the series “Here and Now”) investigates for the benefit of humanity, but suffers a laboratory accident and becomes a creature of the swamp (now played by Derek Mears, the Jason of the new version from “Friday the 13th”). This phrase sounds like a classic superhero story; In contrast to this, the DC comics “Swamp Thing” are designed as horror stories and this tone is also very clear in the new trailer for the “Swamp Thing” series.

“Swamp Thing” takes place in the same world as the Fuck Batman series “Titans” (with us on Netflix) and the spin-off “Doom Patrol” (with us probably soon on Netflix). The goal is to have an age rating for adults, or put another way: the bad things that happen to people in the swamp and outside of them should not be in the eyes of children.

Originally, “Swamp Thing” was supposed to have 13 episodes, but after creative differences between Warner Bros. Television and the DC Universe streaming service, which is only available in the US, the number was reduced to ten, as we did with colleagues in Hollywood reporters They have read. It is still unclear when and where “Swamp Thing” can be seen in Germany. But Netflix would be a good bet.

This is what “Swamp Thing” is all about

Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) works for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). He returns to his childhood home, Houma, Louisiana, to investigate a deadly virus emerging from the swamp. There he meets scientist Alec Holland, who is later involved in an accident. And the forces of evil try to use the secrets of the swamp for their sinister purposes …

“Swamp Thing”: First Trailer for DC’s New Adult Series