Victoria de Suecia: ¿cuándo tomará el trono?

Sweden’s victory: when will he take the throne?

Sweden's victory: when will he take the throne?

Succession to the throne

wantedon December 3, 2014 | 10:52

At 37 she is in mid-life and has mastered her role as crown princess and mother to perfection for years. However, the victory of Sweden has yet to await the crown. Therefore, her subjects have long been wondering: When will Victoria of Sweden finally inherit her father Carl Gustaf and ascend to the Swedish throne herself?

In recent years there have been some profound changes in the European royal family. In Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the reigning monarchs gave way to the younger generation. In Sweden, on the other hand, everything remains the same: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden supports her father Carl Gustaf from the bottom as much as possible, but the delivery of the crown is not yet in sight, and in the opinion of the Swedish king it should remain like this for a while. “Retirement? This word does not exist in our family. At least not from a historical perspective. It is an old tradition for us not to abdicate, ”said Carl Gustaf in an interview with the newspaper“ Expressen ”, denying any thought of abdicating in favor of his daughter Victoria of Sweden.

Victoria from Sweden supports her father as much as possible

Carl Gustaf has ruled his country since 1973 and also celebrated his 68th birthday in April, but Victoria’s father from Sweden is far from tired of work. Instead, he wants to continue serving his people as king and initiate new developments. “I still have a lot to give. I believe that, as long as he has the opportunity and the ability, he must keep working, ”revealed King Carl Gustaf. Apparently, he does not have in mind an exact date when he will hand over the official functions to the Victoria of Sweden.

Sweden’s victory: her father does not rule out abdicationHowever, until his death, Carl Gustaf does not want to occupy the throne at all costs. Instead, he is open to the idea of ​​resigning in favor of his daughter Victoria of Sweden when the time is right. “Of course this is hard work and at some point the body drains itself. Then you have to be able to quit. But my situation is a little different, ”explained Carl Gustaf. So it will probably be some time before Victoria of Sweden is crowned.

Victoria of Sweden is certainly not sad because she will not be crowned queen anytime soon. After all, this way you will be able to spend more time with your husband Daniel and their cute daughter Estelle. And that’s one reason to be happy …

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