Sweet Magnolias: 3 razones por las que amamos la nueva serie de Netflix

Sweet Magnolias: 3 Reasons We Love The New Netflix Series

Sweet Magnolias: 3 Reasons We Love The New Netflix Series


Are you one of those people who loves to discover a new Netflix series that people want to search directly for? And did you celebrate the “Desperate Housewives” series as much as we did? Then hold on tight – we have the perfect tip for you! The new Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” should fall for your swag scheme and of course we’ll tell you why.

This is what the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” is all about

Sheryl J. Anderson’s American series has recently aired on Netflix and currently consists of one season with ten episodes. The story of “Sweet Magnolias” (German: “Sweet Magnolias”) is based on an eleven-part book series by Sherryl Woods. The series is about the three women. Maddie (Joanna García-Swisher), Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) and Helena (Heather Headley) who have been best friends since childhood. They always go three powerful women together through thick and thin. Whether it’s divorces, affairs, or new beginnings – ladies always find a reason why they’re with their weekly. Daisy night to pour out the hearts of others. We can tell you: the risk of addiction is high. For these three reasons, among others:

# Reason 1: Inspiring Women of Today

In fact, each of the three main characters in this series is the type of woman who takes you seriously as a viewer, but also the type that you like. to inspire can. Because none of the three women lives a life like a picture book, be it divorce, business troubles, or small town gossip – women have to grapple with smaller and smaller problems, just like in real life. But they always stand up for each other and even create a business together, that is, the beautiful Spa “Sweet Magnolias”. So much cohesion and feminine optimism is simply refreshing and awakens the desire to bring a little bit of him into your own everyday life.

# Reason 2: Coach Cal Maddox

The very nice and possibly very attractive. Coach Cal Maddox (Justin Bruening) trains Maddie’s teenage son, which creates a conflict of interest here and there. Still, the two could get closer in the Netflix series, but of course we don’t want to reveal too much. In any case, Coach Cal is, in many ways, an absolute asset to the series, and therefore a major point, which is why we are already yearning for a second season.

# Reason 3: Small Town Life in Serenity

The Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” is set in South Carolina, more precisely in the Small town serenity, where the three women grew up and are still living today or again. Serenity is a beautiful little town where you would love to wander the streets. But it also brings with it everything else that makes a small town perfect for a series, namely Small town gossip. Everyone knows everyone and everyone knows best what is best for the other: the potential for conflict is correspondingly high. With all this gossip, Serenity is still pretty realistic: a small-town church under the direction of a pastor (!) Is a regular point of contact for almost every Serenity resident.

Need more inspiration for your watchlist?

Will the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” continue?

A new series on Netflix always has two sides: First of all, it’s a real reason to be happy when new material can finally land on the watch list. The small but nice downside is that you have to be patient for a first stream before a sequel follows. The creators of the series announced on Twitter that it was So far, there is no request for a second season of Netflix. it was, which is not surprising, since the series has just been released.

But we should do it like the three ladies of “Sweet Magnolias” and always be optimistic, because the series already has countless fans and the cast of the series is looking forward to a sequel. In addition, the eleven-part book series offers plenty of material from other series. So the chances of getting Serenity supplies are more than good.

These love stories are also based on a novel:

Are you as excited as we are by the three women in the idyll of a small American town? Or do you have another tip for a new Netflix series? Then tell us in the comments!

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