Galletas dulces de unicornio: ahora también puedes comer unicornios

Sweet Unicorn Cookies: Now You Can Eat Unicorns Too

Sweet Unicorn Cookies: Now You Can Eat Unicorns Too

You need this:

  • Cookie recipe for our trendy cookies with food frosting

  • Unicorn cookie cutter

  • Food coloring in the desired colors.

  • Small perforated nozzle piping bag or freezer bag

  • toothpick

Is that how it works:

First of all, you need to prepare the cookie dough as described. Then you make the food glaze and cut it in half. Then divide half the dough again as often as you have different colors and want to use. Then color each of the small amounts of frosting a different color and leave the first large separate batter blank. You fill it in a piping bag or freezer bag and cut a small hole in the corner of the bag. You do the same with the other masses of color.

Now is the time to color and decorate. Use the amount of white to color the unicorns first and then let them dry. Use the toothpick to spread the frosting and make it more even. Then the different colors of the rainbow are used for the face, mane, and horn. Here you can vent as you want. Do you need inspiration? Then check out the videos shared below.

With these cookies you are guaranteed to surprise all your friends, at least if they love unicorns as much as we do. Happy baking and decorating!

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