La nueva combinación de tableta y Chromebook de Lenovo debería estar disponible desde 349 euros

Tablet and Chromebook in one: Lenovo introduces the IdeaPad Duet

Lenovo's new tablet and Chromebook combination should be available from 349 euros

Lenovo shows off its new Chrome OS tablet, which can be transformed into a small PC using the keyboard. IdeaPad Duet, that’s the name.

Lenovo wants to try again, with Google among other things failing miserably. The company has now shown off its IdeaPad Duet, a tablet and laptop combination with Chrome OS. In this case, however, it is more of a tablet that can be transformed into a mobile work machine thanks to the case and keyboard. This concept is not fundamentally new and has been followed by many manufacturers for several years. Regardless, Lenovo is trying the next try, with a starting price of less than $ 300.

Inexpensive mid-range tablet with Chrome OS and removable keyboard

At the front there is a 10.1 ″ touchscreen with Full HD resolution, and under the hood there is a battery for a duration of 10 hours. There is also an optional stylus that can be used to control the installed Chrome OS. In this case, the base is the Mediatek Helio P60 processor, which is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM. Dual-band WiFi is also part of it, as are the two cameras, USB-C, and the two speakers. Buyers can choose between 64GB and 128GB of storage.

Basically, there is a decent Chrome OS tablet that you can write an app or other letter on. This also includes support for Android applications, the Google Play Store is an integral part of such devices.