Tanja Szewczenko deja "Todo lo que importa"

Tanja Szewczenko leaves “Everything that matters”

Tanja Szewczenko leaves "All what matters"


It all started with her, but now it’s over for her! Tanja Szewczenko, who plays Diana Sommer, leaves the RTL newspaper “Alles was geht” for the second time.

Your role in EEZ

For a long time, Diana Sommer and Ingo Zadek were considered THE dream couple in AWZ. After Ingo lost his great love “Nettchen” for the first time and the relationship with Bea also broke down after an affair with Marian, Ingo finally found a partner in Diana who could make him happy.

But in recent weeks the worm was there: the two separated. Ingo took care of his best friend Ben, who lost his wife Ekaterina, most of the day. Diana, however, dedicated herself to looking for work. And found it. In Las Vegas.

Did you know These soap stars are a couple in real life:

It has now been officially confirmed by RTL: Diana Sommer accepts America’s job offer, actress Tanja Szweczenko is leaving the series again. Szweczenko already starred in the series’ first few episodes, from 2006 to 2009, then retired and returned in 2016.

The good bye

Shortly after the official announcement that he was leaving again, he said goodbye to his fans via Instagram:

“Am I… going new ways or am I just moving on ?! Today it comes out. #Dianasommer will be leaving Essen on November 23, 2018 to take a new job in Las Vegas. She goes. My time at @alleswaszaehlt will soon be over… Don’t be sad, because… I am grateful and proud that I was able to help create a series in 2006. That my two childhood dreams, figure skating and acting, have become a format that 12 years later it is still successful and fun for you. It shows me that the path I followed as a child, difficult as it was, was worth it. And not just for me “.

And he reveals in an RTL press release that he now wants to pursue other projects. “What I can already say: filming for another project will expire soon. I would like to continue working as an actress in the future and I look forward to many new projects ”.

Now there is only one question: Will Diana Sommer take her friend Ingo Zadek so that André Dietz also says goodbye to the series? Or will the two of them go their separate ways from now on? We will see that in the next few days at 19:05 on RTL.

What do you say to the farewell? Do you think it’s sad that Tanja is leaving the series? Or didn’t you like his role lately anyway? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.