Nueva frustración con los teléfonos con píxeles: el nuevo Android 11 también trajo un Bluetooth inestable: cientos de mensajes

Tasks and Notes: Ingenious Innovation for Android Notifications

New frustration with pixel phones: the new Android 11 also brought unstable Bluetooth - hundreds of messages

Google is expanding the suggestions in the notifications, there will be more Smart Actions soon. Soon we will be able to create reminders in applications.

Measure and Tip is the name of a feature in Android that has been integrated since version 10 and has been slowly expanding with new features for nearly a year. Since the spring of the year, German users have also received response suggestions directly in the notifications of the chat applications, and Android applications have been suggested for actions for a long time. This is where Google comes in, expanding the promotions offered with additional applications for potentially suitable promotions.

App notifications: get reminders

Remember, this is the new feature that has appeared with the first users. She suggests that you create a reminder based on the notification you received. In the Tasks app or in Google Keep. For example, if your partner writes that you shouldn’t forget to buy milk, Android suggests that you create a note. You specify which application is used for this, Google Tasks or Notes, once.

It has often happened to me that I received a notification and deleted it, but I was missing a reminder. There is the repeat function, but sometimes that is not enough for me. So I think it’s a very good idea to be able to create a reminder directly from the notification.

Exclusive test run for pixel smartphones?

So far, it is not known if Google has just started a first test run or a generous implementation directly. With colleagues at Androidpolice, the innovation initially only appeared on the Pixel 4 with the same software, but not on a smartphone from another manufacturer. So first of all, we expect exclusive pixel innovation.

Some users would probably find it great if Google didn’t just suggest their own apps for this action. There are also numerous third-party applications for notes, tasks, and calendars.