Tatuaje en la muñeca: costes, dolor, etc.

Tattoo on the wrist: costs, pain, etc.

Tattoo on the wrist: costs, pain, etc.

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It’s a bit flashy, but it catches your eye quickly – the wrist tattoo is one of the popular classics of body decoration. Thinking of getting stabbed? Then, educate yourself in advance about possible costs, pain, and proper care for your new little tattoo.

Tattoos on the wrist have long reached celebrity status. For example, Lady Gaga has one in the shape of a peace sign (in honor of John Lennon), actress Emma Stone has two small bird prints (for her mother as a sign of her fight against cancer) and Scarlett Johansson has a Tattoo on the wrist in the form of a bracelet with ”Inscription I

Lady Gaga also has a tattoo on her wrist. He dedicated the peace sign to his idol John Lennon.

Tattoo cost for wrist tattoo

How much does a wrist tattoo cost? Usually not too much as these are just small tattoos that are done very quickly. The simpler the tattoo design, the cheaper you can get away with. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from having exactly the design you want. It doesn’t matter how many subtleties and details it contains. After all, you want to enjoy your tattoo for a lifetime, and therefore you shouldn’t skimp on costs for more effort. The price of a wrist tattoo varies, of course, so it is best to ask your chosen tattooist directly what price to expect. The price range is approximately 30 to 70 euros. By the way, with us you can get more information about the costs of tattoos.

Emma Stone has two bird legs as a tattoo on her wrist.

Tattoo on the wrist: how strong is the pain?

Even if it is just a mini tattoo, one naturally wonders on the wrist how painful the affair will ultimately be in the tattoo studio. After all, the skin is particularly thin here and there are many nerve pathways between the hand and, in particular, the fingers.

In fact, getting a tattoo shouldn’t be that painful. So you can take a deep breath if it scares you the most! A tattoo on the wrist, for example, should hurt much less than a tattoo on the neck, under the chest, or on other sensitive parts of the body.

However, it must also be said of course that the perception of pain is different for each person, so you can tweak a bit more. In an emergency, it simply means: grit your teeth and persevere! Or you may feel almost nothing when itching. There is probably nothing left but to try it if you really want to get this tattoo one way or another.

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You should keep this in mind when caring for your wrist tattoo.

In the end, you don’t have to care for a tattoo on your wrist any differently than any other small or large tattoo. Since tattoos are like fresh wounds to the body, you need to make sure that no germs get to the area. Otherwise, it may happen that your tattoo becomes infected and you have to treat it with special ointments. To protect it from this, you can cover it under your clothes, for example with cling film.

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Be careful at the beginning with extensive showers, perfumed hygiene and cosmetic products and long sun baths so as not to irritate the fresh tattoo. You shouldn’t go overboard with sports either, and if possible skip all exercises that put too much stress on your wrist. You can learn more about tattoo care in our image gallery:

Inspiration: motifs for your wrist tattoo

There is not much room on the wrist. In the video, we have motif ideas for body jewelry that are sure to look good even in small sizes.

A colorful watercolor tattoo or a black and white dotwork artwork? A name tattoo, a small pattern, a special motif? How should your tattoo look? If you are still meditating and looking for ideas, we have put together some great tattoo examples for you on Instagram. You can use this as a template for your own personal motif.

For example, how about this filigree floral motif on the side of the wrist?

Also nice: the heart motif with a heartbeat embedded directly in the artery, on the inside of the wrist:

In addition to hearts and flowers, there are other small classic motifs that adapt to the wrist. For example, how do you find this nib with its particularly fine lines?

Cute – a paper airplane as a wrist tattoo!

Colorful tattoos also look beautiful on the wrist:

Here you can see a tattoo on the wrist with word and watercolor background:

With a wrist tattoo, it is important that you choose a motif that you really want to see every day, because that is exactly what it will be like (be careful: the tattoo is not so easy to hide at work!). Therefore, you must make the decision to get this tattoo wisely. You should also seek extensive advice from your tattoo artist beforehand regarding the implementation, costs, and maintenance of your wrist tattoo. Once this checklist has been processed, nothing will get in the way of your body decoration.

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