Tayfun Baydar: Por eso salió de "GZSZ"

Tayfun Baydar: That’s why it came out of “GZSZ”

Tayfun Baydar: That's why he came out of "GZSZ"

Goodbye Tayfun

The final flap fell in April: Tayfun Baydar will be seen for the last time on July 6 on the popular telenovela “GZSZ”. But why did you decide to leave the actor? After all, it was part of the success story for eight years.

That’s why Tayfun Baydar leaves GZSZ

Over and Over: For Tayfun Baydar, “GZSZ” is a thing of the past from now on. In a few days, the last scene with the 41-year-old as Tayfun Badak can be seen on RTL. How the change of opinion occurred after eight years, the actor explained in a detailed “picture” interview. “It really bothered me for a few years. I missed this lack of plan ”. On the set of the Daily Soap, everything is very structured, something Tayfun Baydar apparently does not like in private. “I missed being free, being independent. I have a motorcycle, I have owned motorhomes. I always had the opportunity to escape ”. However, he never regretted the time at “GZSZ”, especially the team kept him at Babelsberg. “The people there are like a family. I never felt like I had to go to work. ” But it seemed that now was the perfect time to break new ground.

Tayfun Baydar now wants everything to happen. “Yes of course. I’m an actor.But you don’t have to fool yourself. It’s not that thousands of people knock on the door, ”he said realistically. However, he has already received offers, among others, from a former director of “GZSZ”. “The production has now asked my agency. I don’t know if it will work. But that’s the way things are. “

Tayfun Baydar, the class clown

The 41-year-old would have had a lot of fun playing a funny role: “In general, I’ve had enough of Daily Drama by now. But I would do daily comedy right away. It has always attracted me. He was known as a class clown by the entire ‘GZSZ’ team. ” That is his true talent and he would like to use it.

We are curious to see if we can soon discover Tayfun Baydar in a comedy or a sitcom. For the last scene of “GZSZ” with him on July 6, we are already taking out the tissues, because it should be very emotional!

Image Source: Matthias Nareyek / Getty Images