Novia de Taylor Lautner - Todo lo que necesitas saber

Taylor Lautner Girlfriend – Everything You Need To Know

Taylor Lautner Girlfriend - Everything You Need To Know

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Yvonne karnathon 08/20/2020 | 09:56

Taylor Lautner was sure to be one of the most competitive singles in Hollywood. But now he’s back on it. Who is Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend?

Who is Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend?

The American actor has achieved world fame. He became known as the werewolf in the film adaptation of “Twilight” and many fans have never understood why Bella did not choose Jacob. Even then he was fighting for love. In his private life he can not complain either, because he already had a variety of relationships. For the most part, she won the hearts of very famous women, including none other than Taylor Swift. After that relationship broke down, other actresses like Ashley Benson and Billie Lourd followed suit. Now, however, one student has captured her heart: Taylor Dome.

Who is Taylor Dome?

The student and the actor met through Lautner’s sister, who is friends with Taylor Dome. The two have not revealed much about their relationship and are rarely seen in public. On Halloween 2018, they were properly photographed for the first time. They posed in cute costumes and posted the photos on Instagram. From that moment on, the relationship was considered official. A lot has happened since then as Dome finished her studies and started working full time as an influencer. The relationship with Lautner caught his eye, so he can inspire the now 100,000+ followers with new images almost every day. This is how she makes her money and gives Lautner fans more and more personal information about their relationship. It seems as if Lautner has found his queen of hearts!

Taylor Lautner’s list of ex-girlfriends is long:

  • Sara hicks
  • Selena Gomez

  • Taylor Swift
  • Lily Collins
  • Maika monroe
  • Marie Avgeropoulos
  • Ashley Benson
  • Raina lawson
  • Billie lourd
  • Olivia holt

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