A Taylor Lautner le encanta ir de fiesta en bares gay

Taylor Lautner loves to party in gay bars

Taylor Lautner loves to party in gay bars

Sexual preference?

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In “Twilight,” the werewolf Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, is madly in love first with Bella Swan, and then imprinted on her daughter Renesmee. In real life, however, the sexy actor could be gay. What is the truth of Taylor Lautner’s sexuality rumors?

Taylor Lautner’s relationships with Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, and Marie Avgeropoulos are said to be true, but rumors are getting louder now. that the “Twilight” boyfriend might be more interested in the male sex. The reason for the speculation is that Taylor Lautner apparently likes to party in gay bars. But is the 22-year-old really just there to celebrate or is he looking for a boyfriend?

Taylor Lautner loves gay bar parties

As reported by “RadarOnline”, the sexy brunette was spotted last Thursday at “The Abbey” – a clear gay club – in Los Angeles. Taylor Lautner is said to have had fun there with some friends.

Taylor Lautner likes to celebrate in awe

Among other things, Taylor Lautner is said to have celebrated with American model Murray Swanby, who uploaded a snapshot of the evening on his Instagram account. The comment on the image appears to provide insight into Taylor Lautner’s sexuality. “I’ve never been so attracted to anyone in my life!“Swanby wrote, but the hashtags reveal that the” Twilight “-Beau is out of reach, at least for the model, because Swanby calls Taylor Lautner”hot straight man“. “It’s not the first time you’ve seen Taylor in gay bars in Los Angeles,” a source told RadarOnline, but he did. Apparently Taylor Lautner only knows where to find the best parties in Los Angeles. – in gay bars!

Taylor Lautner seems to know that gays have the upper hand when it comes to parties. Whether you like men or just want to have fun with them, that will probably remain your sweet secret. In any case, we accept the leanings of Taylor Lautner.Image Source: Alexandra Wyman / Getty Images for Gray Goose Vodka