Taylor Swift y Calvin Harris confirman Aus

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris confirm Aus

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris confirm Aus

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Daniel Schmidton 06/03/2016 | 12:19

It was the surprise Thursday morning: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are said to have been the cutest couple in the music business. Now, the Scottish DJ has officially confirmed the love story via Twitter and thus also blows the wind out of the sails of speculation.

Official: Calvin Harris confirms love

Taylor Swift and Calvin have made their separation official. “The only truth there is is that a relationship is over,” the 32-year-old said a few hours ago on Twitter. He also says: “And what remains is a lot of love and respect.” The singer retweeted the affectionate message from her ex-boyfriend shortly after on her profile. Taylor and Calvin still keep to themselves why the relationship failed and how long the two music stars have been going their separate ways.

As reported by several American media yesterday, it should have been Calvin Harris who ended the relationship after 15 months. And apparently without much fuss: “There was no drama. No one cheated on the other “, so said an alleged voice from the former couple’s environment in an interview with” People “magazine.

Surprising end of the relationship

All in all, it appears that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris peacefully parted ways. So this time fans may have to do without breakup songs like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” as the 26-year-old posted in the past after falling in love with Harry Styles. Either way: Many fans of the two musicians will likely have to nibble on the surprising ending of the romance anyway. From crisis mood to unpleasant news, nothing could be heard or seen: Until recently, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were deeply in love in public appearances, for example at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Also unforgettable are the super cute and romantic photos of your vacation in the Caribbean together.

If we’re honest, we haven’t assimilated the news of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ breakup either, especially now that it’s very official too. However, of course, we wish both musicians all the best for their future (single).

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