Taylor Swift: ¿sus padres son adictos al control?

Taylor Swift: are your parents addicted to control?

Family fight?

wantedthe 09/04/2014 | 12:01 pm

Taylor Swift cannot complain about the lack of success and attention. Actually, everything is going well for the singer at the moment, but will it continue like this? The US media are currently concerned about the management of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift likes to sing about her idyllic childhood on her hits. The 24-year-old is grateful to her parents for their selfless support. Although Scott and Andrea Swift have been apart for a while, they are not getting divorced, according to the “Star” so as not to affect Taylor’s career.

Taylor Swift: Peace, joy, pancakes?

With their company “13 Management”, Andrea and Scott Swift also want to support their daughter; after all, they provide the staff to manage Taylor Swift. According to “Showbizspy,” Taylor Swift’s parents are currently laying off one employee after another. “Taylor’s parents are incredibly difficult to deal with. Their expectations are huge and they are not easy to meet. They want to pay as little as possible and treat people like shit because they think that these people are lucky enough to work with a superstar like Taylor“, So a source cited by” ShowbizSpy “.

Taylor Swift: Don’t your parents get along?

According to the source, Taylor Swift’s parents are under real control of control, although it is rumored that they cannot even stand in the same room. “Taylor’s parents think they can do everything better, but what complicates things is that they no longer live together.”According to the source, “they don’t even like to be in the same room.” Taylor Swift has worked successfully with some of her staff for several years, including her tour manager, Robert Allen. “Taylor is extremely professional, but at some point he has to stop his parents.”

That doesn’t sound like peace, joy, pancakes in the Swift family at all. But Taylor Swift can definitely prevail; After all, she is the superstar of the family, and when it comes to her career, the cute 24-year-old is definitely not to be played with.

Image source: gettyimages / Ethan Miller