Taylor Swift: ¿Puede confiar en Calvin Harris?

Taylor Swift: Can You Trust Calvin Harris?

Taylor Swift: Can You Trust Calvin Harris?

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wantedon 06/08/2015 | 10:17

It’s an open secret that Taylor Swift hasn’t always had luck choosing her partner in the past. The singer’s fans were happier when she went public with her relationship with star DJ Calvin Harris a few weeks ago. But now some dark clouds cloud her love happiness. Apparently, Calvin Harris should keep in touch with one or another ex-girlfriend …

Taylor Swift has suffered quite a few disappointments

“Life & Style” magazine recently reported that Calvin Harris continued to receive rather lewd messages from his former playmates. But how does Taylor Swift react to these rumors? “She is still struggling with the trust issues left by her other relationships. So the idea of ​​him being in contact with his ex-girlfriends would be extremely difficult for her, she wouldn’t be happy about it. “explained a supposed acquaintance of Taylor Swift from the online portal “HollywoodLife”.

Fortunately, however, Calvin Harris seems to have found the right recipe for not jeopardizing Taylor Swift’s fragile confidence. – especially since the news in question shouldn’t have come from him. “Calvin goes out of his way to make sure Taylor can trust him. For example, you never hide your cell phone. It may seem like a minor matter, but it’s a big deal for Taylor because all of her exes have made a big fuss over her cell phone. They didn’t even let her get close, “said the insider, explaining why Taylor Swift can trust Calvin Harris.Taylor Swift: Will Calvin Harris Kneel In Front Of Her Soon?

Calvin Harris makes Taylor happy

Precisely because the relationship between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris is so harmonious right now, Early fans are already wondering if the two music stars might soon get engaged. But lovebirds still don’t seem to want to know anything about it. “They are totally in love, they have a great time together and nothing is going to end this, but they are not going to get engaged, marry or run away together. So don’t look for ‘Save the Date’ cards in the near future! They just enjoy being a couple “, revealed insider information from Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ circle.

It would definitely be too early for a wedding right now. After all, Taylor Swift has painfully experienced several times how quickly the happiness of love can happen again, even if she finally seems to have found the prince of her dreams in Calvin Harris.

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