Taylor Swift se defiende de los acosadores

Taylor Swift defends herself against bullies

Taylor Swift defends herself against bullies

The stalker’s nightmare!

wantedthe 23/10/2014 | 10:26

Taylor Swift doesn’t really like being accompanied by 24-hour security with every step she takes, but after several stalking incidents, the singer is forced to hire security personnel more frequently for her own safety.

In January 2011, Taylor Swift was living a true stalker nightmare. The cute singer was chased by a man named Timothy Sweet, who apparently believed he was married to the singer. [/b]He also threatened those around them and did not stop before Taylor Swift himself. He texted her and tweeted things like: “My wife, Taylor Swift, and I live in Beverly Hills. I love her. We treat each other with honor and respect. I will carry a gun and protect her for the rest of my life.

Taylor Swift has to fight bullies

As Taylor Swift now revealed to “Esquire” magazine, for a long time she could not accept being dependent on a security service. “For a long time I resisted hiring a security service because I really value normality,” revealed the singer. Plus: “I want to be able to drive a car alone. I haven’t done that in six years.But that’s seemingly impossible for her now, because unfortunately Timothy Sweet isn’t the only fan who is obsessed with Taylor Swift.Taylor Swift is undeterred

The need for security guards to protect Taylor Swift 24 hours a day is more than necessary. “The reason for this is the numerous men listed in a file who appeared in front of my house and my mother’s and Threatened to kill me, kidnap me or marry me“So the singer. But despite everything, Taylor Swift is not put down. She doesn’t want to be scared, so try to take it easy. “I don’t want to be afraid when I walk down the street. And I don’t have to worry about safety, “said Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift never really wanted to depend on security. However, since the singer is constantly exposed to grisly stalker attacks and numerous threats, it is more than reasonable that she should be protected for security.

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