Taylor Swift no tiene ganas de salir

Taylor Swift doesn’t feel like dating

Taylor Swift doesn't feel like dating

Tired of men?

wantedon October 13, 2014 | 10:37

The list of her trophies is long: in recent years, Taylor Swift has not only won countless awards, but also an impressive number of lovers. But now it should be over! The singer is no longer interested in dating.

She had them all: Taylor Swift can boast of an impressive number of famous star dates. Whether it’s Joe Jonas, Lucas Till, Harry Styles, John Mayer, or Jake Gyllenhaal, that’s just a fraction of the names that should be on your dating list under “marked.” Taylor Swift even wrote songs about some of her former lovers that she didn’t care about. Now the singer is fed up and draws a line …

Taylor Swift wants to take a break from dating

“I had a relationship that disappointed me a lot and one in which I was betrayed”revealed the 24-year-old to “Look” magazine some time ago. “They installed me in another and betrayed me in another. The next, my self-esteem slowly collapsed. ” So it’s no wonder Taylor Swift is done with dates. In an interview with “People” magazine, the sweet singer said: why don’t you want your happiness to depend on a man.

Taylor Swift wants to be independent

“I will not risk the happiness and independence that I have found for anyone. The idea of ​​a date already gives me half a panic attackTaylor Swift continues. Instead, she would rather find herself and focus on the music. It takes an amazing and special person for the singer to reconsider a relationship: “It would take something really, really, really, really different, some kind of person in a million, for me to face it all again.

Taylor Swift is fed up with dating by now and prefers to focus on music. It remains to be seen in the near future whether the former dating-loving singer will manage to stay single for that long. After all, men should be in line with her …

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