¡Taylor Swift no quiere un acuerdo prenupcial!

Taylor Swift doesn’t want a prenup!

Taylor Swift doesn't want a prenup!

Marriage agreement? No!

wantedon 07/31/2015 | 10:21

The marriage of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris has yet to be officially confirmed, but new details emerge every day about the two lovebirds’ wedding planning: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are currently negotiating a possible marriage contract.

Taylor Swift is one of the richest ladies in show business, her valuable net worth is in $ 200 million. It goes without saying that the 25-year-old management hears alarm bells ringing instead of wedding bells when it comes to a possible marriage to Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. After all, if Taylor Swift didn’t sign a marriage contract, she could lose a large chunk of her assets to her (ex) husband in the event of a possible separation.. Therefore, it is not surprising that Taylor’s advisor FOR advocate for a prenuptial agreement.

Taylor Swift wants to give up a prenuptial agreement

“Your father and the entire finance team love you, of course. [Ehevertrag] signs, ”a source told HollywoodLife. However, it is Taylor Swift of all people who is said to be against the wording of a marriage contract: “Taylor spoils the whole thing. Instead of thinking about a formal contract, the singer prefers to enjoy the beautiful side of marriage. “Taylor hates the idea of ​​signing a prenup when she gets married,” continues the source. “She thinks it’s not romantic at all, it’s like giving up before you really start. When you get married, you want to stay like this forever, there is no need for a marriage contract! “

Is Taylor Swift Too Naive?

Taylor Swift also has another (good) reason for turning down a marriage contract: For four months, since she began dating Calvin Harris, she has finally believed in fairy tales again! Because he’s happier than ever with the 31-year-old. “Taylor and Calvin plan to stay together forever,” another source revealed to Life & Style magazine. However, with all their love for each other, they must not forget the practical side, warns the source. “When you have as much money as the two of them, you have to be practical. Your attorneys should seize the opportunity: This could be the biggest prenuptial agreement Hollywood has ever seen!

After four months, Taylor’s head is still in the clouds, but the 25-year-old must listen to her advisers and protect herself. Or what do you think of a marriage contract: not very romantic or essential?

Image source: gettyimages / AFP / VALERIE MACON