Taylor Swift tiene un nuevo amor

Taylor Swift has a new love

Taylor Swift has a new love


wantedon 10/27/2014 | 16:17

Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album has been in record stores since Monday. The next few weeks will show if the 24-year-old will achieve another mega hit with “1989,” but all signs point to number one! After all, Taylor Swift has not only been successfully promoting drums for weeks, since the beginning of work on her album, the sweet singer has also focused exclusively on music …

Why Taylor Swift keeps the “men” chapter closed for now… Although many of her new songs are about her exes, for example the hit “Out Of The Woods”, which talks about her ex-lover Harry Styles, Taylor Swift now wants to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to promoting “1989” – and men are not a problem.

Taylor Swift doesn’t need a man

In an interview with “E! News “Taylor Swift spoke openly about the new love in her life:”I am very happy that being single does not mean being alone. I have love in my life, but I just don’t have a relationship and that feels very natural right now.“Taylor Swift is getting enough love from her fans, family and friends, and also from her two cats, with whom the singer is apparently more than busy. Taylor Swift doesn’t need a man to hug!

Taylor Swift has enough love in her life

And wonderful songs can also be composed through friendships. The 24-year-old shouldn’t be left without inspiration any time soon. In any case, she’s had enough of men by now, Taylor Swift further revealed in an interview: “I’ve found a place in my life that feels really cool, and I am not willing to compromise for anyone. Not that I have given up on data, but I have to protect my zest for life a lot. Why compromise when, like Taylor Swift, you are delighted as a single woman?

Taylor Swift is doing everything right – she’s focused on her music and her friends, and she’s found the right balance in life. It remains to be mentioned that the 24-year-old is currently the most successful musician in America, and that’s without a husband by her side!

Image source: gettyimages / Frazer Harrison