Taylor Swift: su éxito "Shake It Off" se está apoderando de la comisaría

Taylor Swift: Her hit “Shake It Off” is taking over the police station

Taylor Swift: her success "Shake it off" is taking over the police station

American policeman singing

wantedon 01/20/2015 | 11:36

The fact that the No. 1 hit “Shake It Off” not only has great catchy tunes, but also allows people of all ages to spontaneously become fans of Taylor Swift is no longer a secret since the chart success. hits of the single. Now the dance song is conquering even the police stations of the United States …

At least for American cop Jeff Davis, no other song is in question as he patrols his area in Dover, Delaware. The video of the hitting cop, who can not only sing the Taylor Swift song from memory, but also dance to it in a supposedly unnoticed moment, is taking the World Wide Web by storm. Even in Germany the clip is now a cult! Is Taylor Swift aware that even tough cops sometimes want to “shake off”?

Taylor Swift even makes American cops dance

At least you can Jeff Davis is barely concentrating on the Dover ride when Taylor Swift’s voice can be heard on the car radio.. The inadvertent performance, which was recorded on a surveillance camera, was apparently so well received by his colleagues at the police station that they immediately posted the video on the police station’s Facebook page. “While reviewing the images from our camera indoors, we discovered some interesting things… “, His colleague Jeff Davis declared himself a fan of Taylor Swift. “We decided to share some of them with you in a series we call ‘Dashcam Confessional.’

Watch the funny video:

Taylor Swift: 18 million clicks for cop Jeff Davis

In just three days, the hilarious clip spread like wildfire across all social media platforms. Apparently, not only Taylor Swift achieved absolute success with “Shake It Off”. Almost 18 million people watched the video of the American policeman dancing on YouTube alone. The cops on Facebook couldn’t resist sending a message to the singer herself: “Taylor Swift, if you see this… sorry!”

Don’t be shy, Jeff Davis! Even if the cop should focus on traffic next time, given his role as a role model, rather than having his own mini replay show with Taylor Swift, we too can only cringe with laughter at the sight of the cop singing!

Image Source: gettyimages / Astrid Stawiarz Video Source: YouTube / Dover Police