Taylor Swift invita a sus fans a su casa

Taylor Swift invites her fans to her home

Taylor Swift invites her fans to her home

Cute gesture

wantedon 09/23/2014 | 15:21

Taylor Swift’s songs speak directly from the heart of every teenager. So it’s no wonder the singer’s fanbase is gigantic. Taylor Swift naturally wants to return this fanatic love to her audience: now the 24-year-old has created something very special for her fans …

Taylor Swift left her fans baffled by her new album for a long time: She posted three riddles on the internet before revealing the album’s secret during a live broadcast on “Yahoo”. On October 27, 2014 the album will be released with the title “1989”., the year the singer was born. Taylor Swift went on to reveal that she drew inspiration from late ’80s pop music to create the sounds for her album. She confirmed the suspicions of many fans that the album will be a pure pop album. But Taylor Swift had more than one surprise in store.

Taylor Swift invited her fans to her home

Taylor Swift invited a handpicked lucky few straight to her home. Then they were allowed to hear the first sounds of their new album. The 24-year-old posted photos of the evening on Twitter: There was a nice chat, photos and of course hugs with the star. According to “Ampya,” the lucky fans were even able to meet the singer’s parents and cat, and at the same time ate Taylor Swift’s homemade cookies.

Taylor Swift: your fans love the album

Initial comments on Taylor Swift’s new album were not only available on the site, but also on Twitter. All of these are very positive. There was a shower of compliments: “My God, your album is perfection,” wrote one of the fans. Another revealed: “I’ve listened to all the songs from ‘1989’ and they’re fantastic. Buy the album. “ You can’t ignore the fact that Taylor Swift made her fans very happy with him. “Thank you for everything, I will be happily ever after” and “Everything I ever wanted in my life happened tonight” are just a small selection from the enthusiastic tweets.

Taylor Swift made her fans overjoyed by inviting them to her home and giving them an exclusive audio sample of her new album. A warm gesture that testifies to the true love of the fans. We are excited and looking forward to the new sounds of the country pop singer!

Image Source: Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images for iHeartMedia