Taylor Swift ya no está saliendo

Taylor Swift is no longer dating

Taylor Swift is no longer dating

For the ridiculous

wantedthe 09/11/2014 | 09:52

Professionally, Taylor Swift could hardly be better right now. His new album will be out in a few weeks and his first single has already reached number one on the charts in several countries. But all is not well in Taylor Swift’s private life. The singer is no longer interested in dating.

Taylor Swift is currently on a veritable wave of professional success. She bursts into the charts with her single “Shake It Off” and it was recently announced that she would be supporting candidates as a mentor on the upcoming season of the US edition of “The Voice.” But while Taylor Swift couldn’t do better professionally right now, she has to back down privately.

Taylor Swift has had enough romantic dates for now

Taylor Swift has dated several famous men, including Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, and Harry Styles. But now the successful singer should have had enough of the male world by now. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Taylor Swift revealed that she is tired of being ridiculed for her many relationships and is therefore currently skipping dates.

Taylor Swift no longer wants to be ridiculed

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift revealed: “I don’t like to see slideshows of my so-called ex-girlfriends. I no longer want to give comedians a chance to have fun at the awards. I don’t want to read any more headlines like, ‘Watch out, he’s going to write a song about you.’ Taylor Swift hasn’t had a real date since, mainly because her relationship with Harry Styles was so ridiculed. For the singer it is important that people appreciate her work rather than focus on her love life: “I have the feeling that my love life has degenerated into a national pastime. And I no longer feel comfortable offering this form of entertainment. “

It’s understandable that Taylor Swift has become more cautious about dating. After all, she has had to endure a few tears in the American media because of her many relationships. But even if Taylor Swift isn’t dating right now, she’s sure to find the right person!

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