Taylor Swift: ¿está lista para salir con alguien de nuevo?

Taylor Swift: is she ready to date someone again?

Taylor Swift: Are You Ready To Date Someone Again?

Kiss the frog!

wantedon October 31, 2014 | 10:52

Actually, Taylor Swift is very busy promoting her new album “1989”: a great concert here, a little interview there, no time for data! But doesn’t Taylor Swift need a shoulder to lean on during this tight and mandatory schedule? After all, her experiences with the male sex are also inspirational …

What would Taylor Swift be without her dating past? A cute, innocent blonde girl from Reading, Pennsylvania, who loves to play guitar and is musically talented. But his emotional lyrics and unique melodies are primarily based on a special art of 24-year-olds: the art of wrapping numerous men from show business around their fingers.

Taylor Swift: It’s been a kiss for 2014

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift hasn’t had a long-term relationship with Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal or other musicians and actors like Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, or One Direction hottie Harry Styles. But Taylor Swift wouldn’t be Taylor Swift if she didn’t make the most of every relationship. Instead of letting her love affair end her, the sweet singer prefers to pack it into one hit after another.

Taylor Swift: when will she continue to stalk men again?

But tough Taylor Swift also dreams of a man to hug on cold nights. However, a source has now confirmed to “HollywoodLife” that the singer currently wants to focus exclusively on the “1989” promotional tour. “For the rest of the year, Taylor will promote his new album,” the alleged source told the online portal.and she won’t catch anyone during the ‘ball drop’ [Silversterzeremonie am Times Square, Anm. d. red.] kiss unless it’s Ryan Seacrest’s cheek!Did Taylor Swift have an eye on the cute American presenter?

Even if the men’s world is certainly sad about it: in 2014 Taylor Swift will no longer kiss. Ryan Seacrest alone, who was allowed to kiss Miley Cyrus last year, has the privilege of kissing Taylor Swift. And we can think about what rhymes with “Seacrest” for so long …

Image Source: gettyimages / Jamie McCarthy