Taylor Swift: Madonna es su fan

Taylor Swift: Madonna is her fan

Taylor Swift: Madonna is her fan

The Queen of pop

wanted01/29/2015 | 10:10

Taylor Swift actually comes from the country genre, it was only with her current album “1989” that the 25-year-old conquered the pop charts. What could be cuter than a compliment from the “Queen of Pop” herself? For Taylor Swift, that dream has now come true …

Because nothing less than Madonna seems to be a true fan of Taylor Swift. That doesn’t really surprise us – after all, the whole world seems to be a part of “Swiftmania.” But because down-to-earth Taylor Swift’s success didn’t go to her head, the singer is ecstatic by the compliment of her great role model, Madonna.

Madonna is a fan of Taylor Swift

As a guest on the “Australia Today Show,” Madonna was swayed by the following judgment about her 31-year-old colleague: “I like Taylor Swift. I think he writes some catchy pop songs. I just can’t get it out of my head.Apparently the catchy tune ‘Shake It Off’ also rises and falls in the house of ‘Queen of Pop’.

Taylor Swift is flattered

Taylor Swift should have been used to compliments and hymns of praise for a long time, but Madonna’s comment upset even the top of the charts. The singer expressed her embarrassment on Twitter. “Thank you I’m dying #WieSollIchOnurDamit # BeleibCoolTaylorStopbeembarrenThe 25-year-old chirped in response to Madonna’s flattering words. The honor of the living legend of music equals an accolade for Taylor Swift.

The fact that Taylor Swift is so happy with Popqueen Madonna’s “musical accolade” shows that she doesn’t take her success for granted. Despite all the self-confidence Taylor Swift regularly displays on stage around the world, the 25-year-old is still an insecure girl in need of confirmation and compliments.

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