Taylor Swift: Nuevo álbum

Taylor Swift: New Album

“Everyone I’ve ever fallen in love with is a song. I’m proud of it. In this way the boys have a place in my life “, the beautiful singer explains her way of dealing with love sickness. But if your ex-boyfriends see it like this is the following question: “Most say they shouldn’t bother me otherwise they would appear in a song.”

Especially with “Dear John” Taylor is upset about how badly her boyfriend treats her. The blonde does not reveal whether she is referring to John Mayer. It gets more sentimental with “Back to December.” “The person to whom I dedicated this song deserves it. Just perfect in the relationship, but I was careless with him “, says Taylor Swift of the nostalgic song. Supposedly the track is for the Twilight star. Taylor Lautner.

After stays in France and Italy, the four-time Grammy winner was in London. Here she met her friend Selena Gomez for dinner. Later, the two of them indulged themselves with delicious ice cream. Actually, Taylor Swift was supposed to present her new song “Mine” at “Schlag den Raab” on Saturday. However, due to illness, he had to cancel his performance, not surprising given all the stress of the trip. New album “Speak Now” will be released on October 29 in Germany.

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