Taylor Swift presenta su nuevo sencillo

Taylor Swift presents her new single

Taylor Swift presents her new single

Blank space

wantedthe 11/05/2014 | 10:45

The 42nd round of the American Music Awards will be held on November 23 this year. There is none other than chart star Taylor Swift, who will present her new single on stage at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles …

The poster for this year’s American Music Awards, which among other things released “The Wrap”, is truly impressive: With stars like Lorde, Sam Smith, Charli XCX and last but not least Taylor Swift, it promises to be an awards show of superlatives.. And Taylor Swift has come up with something very special for her fans: the 24-year-old uses her appearance at the American Music Awards as an opportunity to present her new single …

Taylor Swift Joins American Music Awards Lineup

Taylor Swift is currently breaking all sales and download records with her current album “1989”. No wonder the organizers of the American Music Awards asked the 24-year-old. To the great joy of his fans Taylor Swift has accepted and will perform her new single “Blank Space” live on stage at the Nokia Theater on November 23rd..

Taylor Swift: “Blank Space” is your new single

With “Blank Space,” the singer re-releases a typical Taylor Swift song. After all, the title is about a mysterious male acquaintance. Taylor Swift had recently emphasized that she would rather stay single at this point so she can fully focus on promoting “1989.” It has yet to be said whether the 24-year-old can expect an award in addition to her live performance on November 23. After all, Taylor Swift has stiff competition in the pop arena – her competitors Iggy Azalea and Katy Perry are also two big contenders for coveted pyramid singing trophies.

We keep our fingers crossed for Taylor Swift, after all, “1989” is up and down for us. With “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift has made the perfect choice for her next single, and the song is sure to be twice as good live!

Image source: gettyimages / Frazer Harrison