Taylor Swift responde a las acusaciones de "dama gato"

Taylor Swift responds to “cat lady” accusations

Taylor Swift responds to allegations of "cat lady"

Cat lady?

wantedon 10/17/2014 | 09:56

You innocently sit on a talk show and proudly present your cat photos and are already accused of hugging cats instead of men… But is Taylor Swift really a bitter cat lover? The new Diet Coke ad offers an answer.

Taylor Swift is a true media professional. Instead of making fun of rumors and false reports about her person, the sweet blonde prefers to counter with a new publicity blow. Taylor Swift is a cat lady? See for yourself:

What country star Taylor Swift thinks of so-called haters, she sings directly on her new single “Shake It Off”: “Haters are going to hate, hate, hate, hate …” stop”). But as the new Diet Coke clip shows, Taylor Swift doesn’t care. She writes a song or she just plays herself. The singer responded to the latest accusations that Taylor Swift was a bitter catwoman with this deft move.

Taylor Swift defends her love for animals

Taylor Swift defends her love for furry four-legged friends

Taylor Swift does not let her two cute tigers confront her. The 24-year-old was simply born with a love for animals. His cats have been his most loyal companions for years. But the tough singer does not want to allow herself to sit on the fact that she is therefore a bitter cat lady. With the clip of Diet Coke Taylor Swift shows not only that she can laugh at herself, but that rumors and inappropriate criticism leave her completely indifferent.

Haters gonna hate! Taylor Swift is so right about her statement. Therefore, the 24-year-old prefers to react calmly to accusations and criticism instead of being annoyed or verbally counterattacking. We admire this great attitude of the singer, that nothing and nobody can divert so easily. All well done again, Taylor!

Image Source: gettyimages / Ethan Miller Video Source: YouTube / Diet Coke