Taylor Swift revela su receta para el éxito

Taylor Swift reveals her recipe for success

Taylor Swift reveals her recipe for success

Get rid of it!

wantedthe 02/09/2014 | 10:04

Taylor Swift just hit the charts with her new single “Shake It Off.” The song is about letting people do the talking and shaking off negative reviews. But Taylor Swift not only sings about this method, she also knows how to practice it.

Taylor Swift was previously known for her signature country sound. For her new album “1989”, which will be released in October, the successful singer has announced a change: the songs on the new album should be much more poppies. Taylor Swift already gave a preview of the sound of “1989” with her first single “Shake It Off.”

Taylor Swift has a great way of dealing with negative reviews

Taylor Swift is not afraid of possible criticism of her new songs. In the song “Shake It Off” she sings: “Players will play […] and the haters will hate […]but I’ll shake it up. ” Taylor Swift these words are not just a line of text from her new song, but her own recipe for success.

Taylor Swift doesn’t care about criticism

On the TV show “Good Morning America,” Taylor Swift revealed that she lives up to her song’s maxim: “People always find something about you and then turn it around like it’s strange, wrong, annoying, weird, or bad. . You shouldn’t just live your life, even if those people exist, you just have to have more fun than them. ” Taylor Swift’s friends in particular help her maintain this positive outlook on life.: “You want to surround yourself with smart and exciting people, I think that’s what really lifts you up!”

Taylor Swift steps away from her critically acclaimed country sound on her new album and tries out more poppy songs. But she is not afraid of criticism. She doesn’t even need that. After all, the first single “Shake It Off” is very well received by its fans. And if the critical tones get louder, Taylor Swift just dumps the criticism.

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