Taylor Swift: la disputa con DJ Diplo pasa a la siguiente ronda

Taylor Swift: the dispute with DJ Diplo goes to the next round

Taylor Swift: the dispute with DJ Diplo goes to the next round

Blasphemy attack # 2

wantedon 01/23/2015 | 16:42

The online dispute between Taylor Swift and DJ Diplo goes to another round. After the music producer initially only spoke about Taylor Swift personally, the blasphemous attacks now affect the entire environment of the singer.

In November of last year, the singer started the discussion by asking his followers on Twitter to like “Fundraising so Taylor Swift can buy a bigger butt”. Lorde, Taylor Swift’s best friend, immediately responded, “We could collect things for your little genitals right away, huh?” Compared to “GQ,” DJ Diplo’s blasphemous attacks weren’t limited to Taylor Swift, they blasphemed as well. his fans.

Taylor Swift is attacked by DJ Diplo

Taylor Swift is very strategic with her friends and enemies. And I know many secrets, “said the DJ. And also: “And I’m afraid. Scared for my life ”. What do you mean by that? Probably fans of Taylor Swift, whom the record producer describes as “really crazy.” In particular, he was surprised by the way they reacted to his tweet, which was originally intended to be a joke. “They threatened to kill me,” said DJ Diplo. And it goes even further: “It’s really weird and gross. They are the worst people in the world. “

Taylor Swift is protected by her fans

When it comes to defending your favorite singer, Taylor Swift fans are supposed to push some boundaries. “I’m a huge fan,” admitted DJ Diplo, but immediately distanced himself from extreme cases. “They say something like ‘I wish your children had Down syndrome’. You are so devilish. These people are like evil and wicked human beings. I am not a politician. It should not be put under the microscope by people like that, “warns the DJ in an interview. It seems like he almost regrets his tweet. In the interview, DJ Diplo also revealed how frustrated he was that his tweet about Taylor Swift, which was a joke, could warm minds so much.Due to a nasty tweet directed at Taylor Swift, DJ Diplo can hardly save himself from offensive comments from fans. What do you learn from him? Think before you post anything on the web.

Image Source: Photo by John Sciulli / Getty Images for Sonos Studios