Taylor Swift: ¿Será ella la jueza de voz?

Taylor Swift: Will she be the voice judge?

The voice

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In the new American season “The Voice”, Taylor Swift will train the candidates as much as possible and will support them. Apparently the new job should be so much fun for her that the producers realized her potential as a judge …

It couldn’t be better for her: Taylor Swift continues to swim the wave of success. Following her latest hit “Shake It Off,” the 24-year-old will appear on the new season of “The Voice” on NBC starting October 27. His new album, “1989”, will be released on the same day. Taylor Swift fans can look forward to the fact that the singer will perform some of her new pop songs during the season of “The Voice”!

Taylor Swift can be seen on the new season of “The Voice” as a coach

But what is Taylor Swift’s job? In the singing contest he will not act as a jury for the moment, but train and support the participants. Among other things, he gives them singing lessons and helps them work on his stage presence. As a famous singer, she has a lot of experience in the field that she can pass on to the contestants. Taylor Swift is apparently doing her job so well that the producers are considering offering her a higher position …

Taylor Swift: She’s one of the audience’s favorites on “The Voice”

As an insider reported to “HollywoodLife,” Taylor Swift could serve on the jury alongside Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani on the upcoming season of “The Voice.” “Taylor is great, he filmed his parts and while it was a job, he had a lot of fun and had a lot to say. When it comes to ‘The Voice,’ everyone loves it on this show, which will appear on television, ”revealed the source. “And when the producers approached her, it was an approach to make her future jury attractive.if they ever need a jury and it would fit into everyone’s schedule. ” Sounds promising for Taylor Swift!Taylor Swift is totally comfortable in her role as a coach on “The Voice.” He is apparently doing his job so well that he caught the attention of the producers. Hopefully, we might see Taylor Swift sitting in the jury chair next season!

Image Source: Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images for iHeartMedia