Presentación de la nueva serie de 10 smartphones: gama media Premium de TCL

TCL really opens up and shows off a new high-end smartphone and the first foldable

Introducing the new series of 10 smartphones: TCL Premium mid-range

TCL has introduced some affordable Android smartphones, but the focus is on the first foldable and the new TCL 10 range.

What is definitely the most striking smartphone design is initially offered by TCL at the beginning of the new year. Alcatel’s mother, which is still less well known in Europe, once again showed some cheap Android smartphones and exciting hardware to the higher shelves. For example, the TCL 10 mentioned in the introduction, which has a very striking main camera. In particular, the dual LED flash and its placement alongside the four camera modules have never been seen before from any other manufacturer. There should be several models for the TCL 10 series.

TCL Suggests New High-End Smartphones

Including an Android smartphone with a 5G module. Also, an AMOLED display should underline the ambitions. Less is done with fragmented presentation. Today there are the first details, such as the display technology, the first images and the resolution of the main camera (64 MP), but everything else will not be available until the end of this year. Journalists were not even allowed to touch the devices in Las Vegas.

TCL is usually very important in advertisements. There is also a first folding of its own to see through a trailer. Hopefully it’s not just about ads again. Otherwise you can join Archos, the French smartphone brand has also been good at advertising only the best and most exciting devices for years.

TCL: the first folding does not have a second screen

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What is a folding smartphone?

Foldable is establishing itself as the name of a new generation of smartphones that have foldable or foldable OLED displays. They are the modern reincarnation of classic clamshell phones.